Clore Duffield Foundation

Developing programmes and partnerships to create opportunities for people through art, culture and heritage in the UK. Artistic talent should be nurtured and supported wherever it exists and careers in the cultural sector should be open to all.
Supporting new and existing Clore Learning Spaces to ensure children and young people, in particular, have the chance to benefit from art, culture and heritage and the inspiration, knowledge, joy and wellbeing they bring.
Ensuring the important organisations created by the Foundation continue to be strong, impactful and resilient, including JW3, the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme and Eureka!
Taking a thoughtful and strategic approach to grant-making in the wider charitable sector, with an emphasis on nimble, front-line charities delivering change to people who most need it.

Main Sector

  • Youth
  • Civil Society
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Justice
  • Social Development
  • Gender Equality

Donor Type

  • Embassy
  • Foundation
  • Trust
  • Community Grantmaker
  • corporate

Activity Location

  • South Africa
  • KwaZulu Natal
  • Western Cape

Contact Details

+44 (0)20 7351 6061

The Clore Duffield Foundation
Studio 3 Chelsea Manor Studios,
Flood Street, London SW3 5SR

More Details

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